BoardVitals Medical Student Package

Are you looking for a resource for your medical students or residents that highlights must-know exam questions, in an effort to minimize study time? STAT!Ref has a new online study tool for Shelf Exams, USMLE and specialty boards called BoardVitals. Click below for a quick overview video.

BoardVitals Video

This comprehensive, interactive online and mobile resource is a high-quality, affordable, effective and powerful exam review tool. See below for more details.

  • Over 5,000 challenging Shelf Exam questions
  • Over 3,000 USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK and Step 3 level questions
  • Thousands of board review questions relating to 17 medical board specialties such as Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, OBGYN, Pediatrics and more
  • A pass rate that is higher than the national average
  • Decreased study time with everything organized under one platform and the best questions to study listed up front and continuously updated
  • The ability to create customized practice tests using many options including number or questions, subjects, timing and more
  • Advanced detailed statistics so educators can know where a student's strengths and weaknesses are based on their performance and adjust curriculum accordingly
  • Detailed, up-to-date explanations with each answer, with references and links to applicable sources
  • The very best questions brought together from the leading medical publishers, research institutions and practicing physicians

For more information about this new resource, or to schedule a demonstration webinar or free trial, contact a STAT!Ref Team Member here or by calling 800-901-5494.