Docphin: New Technology Solution from STAT!Ref

Have you heard? STAT!Ref has now exclusively partnered with Docphin. Docphin was founded by physicians to solve a problem that had faced them throughout their medical training: information overload.


Docphin is more than simply a dashboard to organize information; rather it’s a movement to transform the way medicine is practiced. See below to learn more now.

  • Are your users having trouble keeping up with all of the journals available at your institution? With the Docphin platform, a user’s favorite journals can all be in one app or website interface.
  • Are students and physicians looking for the best collections of Landmark Articles? With Docphin, collections of PDFs from over 40 specialties and topics are at their fingertips.
  • Are they having trouble finding the PDF they need? Docphin is the fastest way to get to PDFs. Users can save their institutional login to their device to enhance access.

With Docphin, together we are integrating your journal holdings into a user platform that is customizable to each healthcare professional or student’s daily workflow. And, the Docphin Mobile App was selected by Apple as the Best New iOS App for Medical Professionals in 2014!

Give Your Healthcare Professionals the Tools They Need

  • Docphin is used at over 500 institutions in more than 15 countries by all types of providers and students including physicians, scientific researchers, pharmacists, nurses, and engineers.
  • With a hospital license to Docphin, your healthcare professionals will have access to evidence-based research from over 5,000 journals, curated landmark articles by specialty and topic, AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits for their activity, advanced search filters, and the ability to follow new publications by topic and author.
  • With a library subscription, everyone at your institution can access all the premium features of Docphin.
  • Library subscribers can gain access to data analytics on user engagement and utilization of library resources.

The Docphin Mobile App

Again, the Docphin Mobile App was selected by Apple as the Best New iOS App for Medical Professionals in 2014. Easily download the Docphin Mobile App and intuitively configure your institution’s subscription right then and there on your mobile device by setting up a username and password and choosing your institutional account.

If you have any questions or would like a live, webinar demonstration of how Docphin works, please call 800-901-5494 or fill out this form to speak with a STAT!Ref Team Member today.