Scientific American Vascular and Endovascular Surgery SciAm Video Awards

STAT!Ref partner Decker Intellectual Properties is holding a video submission contest called the Scientific American Vascular and Endovascular Surgery SciAm Video Awards. This is content we will be featuring in STAT!Ref in the coming months. So, please pass along these details to others at your institution to promote contest entries!


SAVES is a comprehensive online resource for all stages of training and practice in vascular and endovascular surgery. Videos, illustrations, algorithms, tables, imaging studies, and clinical photos enhance and clarify concepts outlined in the text. In addition, bimonthly updates means the work is continually renewed and kept absolutely current.

Decker Intellectual Properties is pleased to announce an awards program for high quality surgical videos. They seek excellence in videos demonstrating technique and elucidating anatomical or surgical principles.

Video Requirements

  • Provide high-resolution file, 640 x 480 pixels
  • Provide voiceover or script to be used to provide voiceover
  • Submission can be formatted, edited, converted and narrated by Decker
  • Concise videos (< 5 minute) preferred
  • Clear, succinct video title of 10 words maximum to be displayed on opening frame
  • Signed patient permission forms (if applicable)
  • Publication rights must be free
  • Contact Benjamin Shragge at 1-905-522-8526 x2248 or for submission details and Decker FTP instructions


Selection and recognition of the videos are solely the province of the publisher. Publishing rights must be assigned to the publisher once the video has been accepted. Videos will be attributed to author(s) identified.


  • Top video $500
  • Honorable mention $250
  • Acceptance $100

Phase 1 Procedures

Decker Intellectual Properties's initial interest is in the following open and endovascular procedures. They welcome additional procedures pertinent to the practice of Vascular Surgery, as well.

AAA EVAR with snorkels
Aortofemoral bypass Aortorenal/splenorenal/hepatorenal bypass Axillo-femoral bypass
Basilic vein transposition
Brachiocephalic AVF
Carotid-subclavian bypass
Carotid angio and stent (CAS)
Carotid endarterectomy (open and eversion)
Creation of iliac conduit
EVAR fenestrated (FEVAR)
Fem-fem crossover bypass
Fempop/tibial bypass all configurations
Forearm AV loop graft
Harvest of femoral-popliteal vein
Innominate PTA/stent
Lower extremity PTA/stent/Atherectomy
Mesenteric PTA/stent
Open thoracoabdominal repair
Popliteal endograft
Radiocephalic AVF
Renal PTA/stent
Saphenous vein ablation
Subclavian PTA/stent for steal
Subclavian transposition
Thoracic endovascular repair Fgotcha type B dissection Thoracic outlet decompression procedures Thromboembolectomy
Vertebral transposition


First round: March 1, 2015
Videos will be accepted thereafter on a rolling basis.

Again, please contact Benjamin Shragge, Managing Editor at Decker Intellectual Properties, at 1-905-522-8526 x2248 or for submission details for this exciting contest!