BoardVitals Administrator Tools for Subscribers

In addition to constant content improvements, BoardVitals has enhanced the administrative features of the product.


Click here to view all of the new BoardVitals training videos or click below for an overview, where you can learn how to send exams to students, track overall usage and performance, track individual performance and view categorical performance.

BoardVitals Training Video: Overview
BoardVitals Training Video: Track Usage and Performance
BoardVitals Training Video: Track Individual Performance
BoardVitals Training Video: Send Exams to Students
BoardVitals Training Video: Categorical Performance

You can click here to access the above videos on YouTube and here for access on Vimeo.

And, as always we are here to support you every step of the way – contact us anytime with product support questions or for help to market BoardVitals at your institution by calling 800-901-5494 or filling out this form to speak with a STAT!Ref Team Member today.