BoardVitals for Dentistry

BoardVitals from STAT!Ref, a new high-quality, effective and powerful board review tool, offers review questions for the National Board Dental Examination, NBDE Part I and II, preparation.

DentalBoardVitals NBDE product features:

  • The highest quality questions and detailed explanations for the National Board Dental Exams(NBDE I and II)
  • Users have a pass rate that is higher than the national average
  • Maximized study time with everything organized under one platform and the best questions listed up front
  • The ability to create customized practice tests using many options including number of questions, subjects and more
  • Advanced statistics so users can know where their strengths and weaknesses are, with suggested questions based on their performance
  • Detailed, up-to-date explanations with each answer, with references and links to applicable sources
  • The very best questions brought together from the leading publishers, researchers and practicing dental professionals

Download the BoardVitals Dentistry Handout to learn more about these exam products or click here to watch an informative video about BoardVItals.

For more information about this new resource, or to schedule a demonstration webinar or free trial, contact a STAT!Ref Team Member here or by calling 800-901-5494.