New Title: Psychiatric Care of the Medical Patient

The third edition of Psychiatric Care of the Medical Patient brings a classic reference text into the twenty-first century and STAT!Ref has it available now.

PCMP_3e_Cover copy

This resource combines critical scholarship with the voice of expert clinicians who work at the interface of psychiatry with medical specialties. It is meant to be read for pleasure as well as consulted as a reference. The editors have worked with the authors to bring a consistent perspective to the book – one that sees the medical psychiatrist as an agent for bringing a more comprehensive perspective to medical care. Even seasoned and knowledgeable practitioners will find much that is new to them in this resource.

The volume covers topics in depth that other resources in the field may not cover at all, such as the use of herbal and nutritional therapies for medical-psychiatric symptoms and syndromes, and the choice of questionnaires to supplement history-taking. It looks at old topics in a new way: The chapter on the physical examination applies psychometric considerations to the Babinski sign, describes the method and application of quantitative bedside olfactory testing, and discusses smartphone apps to improve the sensitivity of the examination.

Psychiatric Care of the Medical Patient, 3rd Edition provides concepts and information to facilitate the dialogue between psychiatrists and general medical specialists – minimizing psychiatric jargon and speaking in the common language of caring and curious physicians.

New to this Edition:

  • Provides an updated coverage of drug treatments, practice guidelines, and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with emphasis on concepts, principles, and organizing perspectives
  • Introduces new technology for diagnosis and treatment – ranging from patient-reported outcome measures to smartphone apps to Internet-based psychotherapy to pharmacogenetic testing
  • Considers the role – actual and potential – of the medical psychiatrist within the healthcare delivery system – providing useful facts and methods for the clinician who wants to optimize their impact as a change agent.
  • Incorporates neuropsychiatric perspectives in discussion of topics outside of neurology

Purchasers will want to bundle this resource with Merritt's Neurology, Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience and Essential Evidence Plus™ & AHFS DI® Essentials™ and Draw it to Know it.

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