New Dental Titles

Newly added to the STAT!Ref Collection are two new Dental resources from Cengage Learning. As a reminder, All STAT!Ref content is full-text, cross-searchable and every single resource is available on the STAT!Ref Mobile App.


Dental Assisting: A Comprehensive Approach delivers inclusive coverage of the basic and advanced clinical skills you need to master. This complete learning system includes the most current information on leading dental practices/procedures, equipment, and patient safety standards, as well as, incorporates animation, video, step-by-step photo illustrations, real-life case studies, and dynamic review materials. Quite simply, this best-seller is a trusted resource for any dental assistant preparing for a successful career in the field.

What's New:

  • Covers the latest CPR standards from the American Heart Association.
  • All-new coverage on 3-D imaging using the cross beam technique, as well as on electron imaging, appear in the text.
  • Latest instrumentation and equipment such as XTS composite instruments, Isolite, 3D imaging using the cross beam technique and electron imaging, and handheld radiography.
  • New detailed coverage on facebow, sealants, denture adjustments, and light bleaching has been incorporated.
  • Addresses new standards for improvement of patient care.
  • Additional content on patient monitoring devices such as pulse oximetry, capnography, and electrocardiography has been included to connect you to the latest equipment advances and updates.

Features and Benefits:

  • Real world photos and dynamic life-like illustrations bring dental practice to life.
  • Advanced "Chairside Functions" sections are highlighted and integrated throughout the chapters.
  • Descriptive detail – Step-by-step procedures with icons indicating hand washing, gloves, mask and protective eye-wear, basic setup, and expanded functions provide detailed information on dental assisting competencies.
  • Critical thinking – Case studies present real-life scenarios requiring a problem/solution approach. Put your knowledge into practice and arrive at a deeper understanding of the dental assisting profession.
  • Icons – Graphic icons pinpoint information that relates to legal, safety, technology, global or cultural issues, expanded function, and certified dental assisting (CDA) competencies.
  • Chapter outlines – Provide a roadmap to the material in each chapter and allow the reader to target topic areas of interest before progressing through the chapter.
  • Key Terms – All key terms are listed at the beginning of each chapter and are covered in context through the chapter. Full definitions of each term is listed in the glossary.
  • Procedures – Step-by-step procedures are clearly detailed and supported visually for each dental assisting competency. Icons at the beginning of each procedure indicate which function, instrument, and protective equipment are required for the procedure.
  • Color illustrations, photos and tables – Full-color illustrations and photos with detailed captions reinforce chapter material.
  • Pronunciation of difficult terms – Provides the student with a pronunciation guide the first time difficult terms appear in the text.
  • Chapter Summaries – Emphasize key concepts from the chapter to help you focus your study.
  • Review Questions – Test your comprehension of the chapter with structured multiple choice questions and open-ended critical thinking questions that require you to combine an understanding of chapter material with your personal insight and judgment.
  • Web activities – Internet exercises in each chapter encourage Web searches to locate information.


Dental Assisting Instrument Guide, 2nd Edition is the ideal pocket study guide, presenting the numerous instruments used in modern dentistry, along with proper functions, parts, and tray set-ups. Instruments for all practice areas are covered in detail, alongside supporting hundreds of color photos that make memorization easy. Compact and organized for quick reference, Dental Assisting Instrument Guide provides the fundamental instrument knowledge dental assistants need for success in the ever-changing field of dentistry.

What's New:

  • Updates have been made throughout to address changes in instruments and equipment.
  • New chapters cover disposable equipment and barrier devices, laboratory equipment, and radiography equipment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Clarifying Photos: More than 300 full-color photos—including close-ups, instrument tips, and action shots—make this guide ideal for chairside or classroom reference.
  • Worry-Free Set-Ups: Detailed color photos depict tray set-ups for common procedures, and limit errors in preparation.
  • Hygiene Help: Icons and color coding provide at-a-glance sterilization procedures and OSHA codes for specific equipment.

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