Benefits of the STAT!Ref Medical News Feed

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The STAT!Ref Medical News Feed, in conjunction with Reuters Health Medical News, keeps health professionals ahead of the curve with the latest key developments in the world of medicine and pharmaceuticals. Produced by the dedicated team of journalists specializing in medicine and pharmacology, this service is an essential news resource for educational institutions, medical programs, nursing programs, pharmaceutical businesses and other health information departments.

Key Features:

• Coverage of 200 leading international medical journals and 80 major conferences and symposia
• More than 60 healthcare and therapeutic verticals in areas such as oncology, cardiology, infectious diseases, mental health, women's health, diabetes and more
• Written by experts, for experts. The right amount of complexity, detail and depth for a health professional audience in an easy-to-digest news format
• Flexible content and delivery, including customized topic feeds
• Access to daily updates and a complete news archive approximately 20–25 stories per day


• STAT!Ref technology and customer service paired with Reuters Information, included at no extra cost in every subscription
• Relevant, value-added medical news for healthcare professionals
• An advanced news source for medical media
• Reliable and timely business intelligence information for corporate and hospital intranets
• Comprehensive and current clinical research updates for medical libraries

In order to register for STAT!Ref Medical News Feed, you must be a subscriber or user and you must create a My STAT!Ref account.

• Log in to STAT!Ref
• Go to "My STAT!Ref" and log in or sign up
• If your institution has "My STAT!Ref" turned off, please talk to your librarian
• After logging into "My STAT!Ref" click the STAT!Ref Medical News Feed link on the options menu to open the STAT!Ref Medical News Feed page where you can select the STAT!Ref Medical News Feed areas of interest.

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