Ultrasound Learning Tool for Students

At the recent American Association of Clinical Anatomists conference STAT!Ref attended, we learned that ultrasound is becoming a larger part of anatomy education and the use of visual cross-sectional reference is now considered the premier way to teach. And, ultrasound will eventually be required as part of nearly every physical examination.


Did you know that in the STAT!Ref resource Anatomy.tv from Primal Pictures, there are specific specialty modules for ultrasound?

  • Created in collaboration with a team of imaging experts, specialty modules including MSK: Lower Limb Ultrasound and MSK: Upper Limb Ultrasound
  • Ideal as a training tool, daily reference and source of high quality images for this challenging imaging technique
  • Interactive imaging area that allows correlation of labeled cross sections with corresponding ultrasound scans of the each region and compare the cross sectional anatomy with MR scans

If you have these resources as part of your Anatomy.tv collection already, we can help you market these components to all anatomy students at your institution.

Or, if you do not have Anatomy.tv from STAT!Ref, please contact us to learn more about one-time multi-year purchases of these key resources.