Draw it to Know it is an innovative e-learning program for neuroanatomy

Draw it to Know it from STAT!Ref provides a stepwise teaching method that is engaging, efficient and truly hands-on. Users learn neuroanatomy in a clinical context with numerous Clinical Correlations and Localization Cases, 140+ Narrated Video Tutorials, Exams, Brain Atlas and Muscle-Nerve Directory.

To learn more, watch this quick video about how this dynamic new multimedia resource Draw it to Know it works:


As a user states, “Draw it to Know it is an innovative e-learning program for neuroanatomy. During a 30 day trial period, I had a chance to become familiar with the program.

As we all know, neuroanatomy is one of most difficult subjects for medical students: students are required to imagine 3D complicated structures and learn them by heart. Draw it to Know it is innovative because it teaches students these structures by drawing particular schemes.

This is done with the help of tutorials, in which students are shown step-by-step how to draw a specific structure. There are more than 140 films, as well as test questions for each chapter and an atlas of the nervous system. Students can send their schemes and answers to the teacher's email address.

I think that implementation of Draw it to Know it in our curriculum would be very helpful in teaching neuroanatomy. It would certainly improve effectiveness in the teaching/learning process."

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