Decker Clerkship Products

Decker - Better Education, Better Patient Care BannerDecker Intellectual Properties and Scientific American have partnered to provide premier, interactive lifelong learning systems and STAT!Ref can provide customized solutions for your institution.

Decker Product Overview

Decker’s Scientific American products fill a unique role in medical education by providing reliable, up to date innovative content and interactive systems for medical learners from MS3 clerks to PGY1-5 residents to practitioners needing CME and MOC.

In addition to content databases with a wealth of knowledge about specific medical specialties, there are comprehensive tools for Residency or Clerkship Programs. Decker products include:

More About Clerkship

A goal for Clerkship students is to link the clinical knowledge and skills to the content learned in their pre-clinical curriculum. Structurally, Clerkships are brief and limit the student’s exposure to clinical care. Learning in this environment of limited exposure is best achieved if students can generalize principles learned from one clinical situation to others they may not encounter directly. Scientific American Clerkship has the following features:

  • Organization around core pathophysiologic topics/big ideas
  • Within each topic/chapter, specific examples of diseases/problems illustrating the topic will be listed at the end of the chapter
  • Links to sections of Scientific American content databases with more detail on these specific diseases/conditions are provided
  • Chapters to address the skills of communication, professionalism and basic technical procedures
  • All modules are step-by-step beautifully illustrated basic procedural skills tested of medical students during Clerkship
  • Criteria for self and instructor assessment included with each topic

Clerkship is available for a variety of medical specialties, with more to come soon. Currently available are the following medical specialties:

  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Neurology

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