The Primal Pictures Total Collection

Have you heard about Primal Pictures resources from STAT!Ref? Primal Pictures has the most complete, detailed and accurate 3D models of the human anatomy available anywhere. And, now, we have a special year-end incentive to purchase unlimited access to the entire collection of Primal Pictures products.

With over 50 modules covering all areas of clinically relevant anatomy, this Total Collection package includes, the completely revamped 3D Real-Time Human Anatomy and Anatomy & Physiology Online. Click here for a handout and watch the videos below for more details.

TC     APO

This special, one-year all-access Total Collection package will expose your institution to all Primal Pictures resources, in an effort to isolate only the most needed and used product modules. Then, during the next subscription term, you can customize your package according to your usage and budgetary requirements.

And, in the meantime, unlimited access would provide a tremendous amount of flexibility to you as an institution, allowing educators to assign take-home tasks to their students, do collaborative work in the classroom and ensure that, when it comes to busy exam times, students will all be able to get access to do vital revision work.

Please click here if you would like to schedule a webinar to review custom options specifically suited for your institution, and a STAT!Ref representative will be in touch with you shortly.