Draw it to Know it Enhancements

Ditki-logo-horizontal_copyDraw it to Know it from STAT!Ref has recently been updated and we wanted to share with you some exciting new product enhancements.

The following new features are now available within a Draw it to Know it subscription:

  • All the features and content in Draw it to Know it have been migrated and function the same, with some visual brand changes and enhancements to Tutorials, Quizzes, Brain Atlas and Muscle-Nerve Directory
  • There is a new display framework for Tutorials, with variable playback speed ability
  • There is a new Quiz question format for Tutorials
  • Draw it to Know it has an updated animation style, which allows time for user to draw along with the tutorial
  • The Draw it to Know it app will be updated soon and users will be notified that there is an update available
  • Current Subscribers of Draw it to Know it please note: there is no need for technical modifications on your end. All the links, usernames and passwords should continue to work and just show the new platform

These changes are making way for more Draw it to Know it modules and products coming soon, so please stay tuned!

If you have any questions, or to learn more about Draw it to Know it click here or call 800-901-5494 to contact a STAT!Ref Team Member.