Major Benefits of Anatomy Flashcard Learning System

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Anatomy Flashcard Learning System and STAT!Ref have partnered to provide an efficient and innovative way to master human anatomy online.

Anatomy Flashcard Learning System is the only online anatomy study guide that helps students learn and assess their anatomy knowledge with a complete human anatomy flashcard deck, learning tables and testing exercises all in one place.

Anatomy Flashcard Learning System helps students clear the clutter of the textbook, workbooks, flashcards and other aids that are overwhelming and disconcerting. With Anatomy Flashcard Learning System, students quickly assess what they know and don’t know in preparation for the test, and then the concise learning tables help them fill-in the needed knowledge.

Anatomy Flashcard Learning System is based on a simple premise that if the anatomy study material is all assembled in one site with associated self-examinations, and works on all the devices they use, the student can master the data when and where they have the time. Of course, many other approaches have been tried, but this is the first one to bring all the material together in a coherent form by way of the Learning Tables.

Co-created by an actual anatomy professor, Anatomy Flashcard Learning System serves as an ideal supplement to any anatomy course. To learn more about Anatomy Flashcard Learning System simply click here to watch a quick video tutorial.

Major Benefits

• Quizzing and core knowledge all in one product
• Only complete all digital human anatomy flashcard deck
• Covers key anatomy systems
• Supported by all major computers, tablets and smartphones
• Interactive quizzes and exercises to assess and reinforce learning
• Regional and systemic approaches in same product

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