Happy New Year from the STAT!Ref Team

Happy New Year

It’s amazing to sit back and think about how much has happened since STAT!Ref was founded by Dr. Richard Sugden in 1987 to make healthcare reference material available electronically.

For more than two decades, STAT!Ref has continued to provide healthcare professionals with innovative, electronic information products and services. As we have grown our suite of healthcare resources and products, some things remain the same; our powerful search engine, our great people and our competitive pricing.

If you aren’t already, please continue to support us on social media, both on Facebook and Twitter. Have a question for our staff? Please feel free to call 800-901-5494 or fill out this form anytime! We are always here and happy to help out with even the smallest of issues or questions you may have.

So, to all of our subscribers, partners and friends, we just wanted to take this moment to say Happy New Year and thank you for your continued support. We are happy to begin 2016 on such a positive note, and we are looking forward to continuing to share the STAT!Ref Solution with all of you.