Anatomy Flashcard Learning System Product Features

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Anatomy Flashcard Learning System, the most efficient and innovative way to master human anatomy online, is the only online anatomy study guide that helps students learn and assess their anatomy knowledge with a complete human anatomy flashcard deck, learning tables and testing exercises all in one place.

Product Features

Full Digital Flashcard Set – The traditional method for students to quiz themselves.
Learning Tables – Key anatomical and structural information that needs to be learned in an organized, complete and easy to understand format.
Interactive Table Quizzes – The interactive table quizzes are designed to show the grouping of muscles for different regions but more importantly so that the students get valuable feedback as they quiz themselves.
Interactive Structure Identification, Images and Flow Chart Exercises – Interactive tables and quizzes are not enough. Anatomy is in many ways a visual discipline, hence we have included visual, tactile exercises to study structure names, key relationships and information.
Anatomy Covered – Comprehensive coverage at college level for muscles, bones, nervous, veins, arteries and viscera.

Major Benefits

• Quizzing and core knowledge all in one product
• Only complete all digital human anatomy flashcard deck
• Covers key anatomy systems
• Supported by all major computers, tablets and smartphones
• Interactive quizzes and exercises to assess and reinforce learning
• Regional and systemic approaches in same product

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