New Edition: Nursing Diagnosis and Popular Point of Care Resource

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Specifically, in terms of new editions applicable to Nursing, the 14th edition of Nurse's Pocket Guide: Diagnoses, Prioritized Interventions, and Rationales is now available from STAT!Ref. This quick-reference tool has what you need to select the appropriate diagnosis to plan your patients’ care effectively. 

Nurse's Pocket Guide: Diagnoses, Prioritized Interventions, and Rationales

New to this Edition:

  • NEW & UPDATED! Updated with NANDA-I 2015-2017 diagnoses, including 25 new diagnoses
  • EXPANDED &UPDATED! Interventions updated with the most current information
  • UPDATED! Revised Diagnostic Divisions, combining those that are closely related

Key Features:

  • Actions/interventions uniquely organized by priority with selected rationales.
  • Icons within the prioritized interventions for cultural – collaborative – community/home care – diagnostic studies – pediatric/geriatric/lifespan – medications.
  • Defining characteristics presented subjectively and objectively.
  • Documentation section that focuses on the other steps of the nursing process, reminding students of the importance and necessity of recording each step.
  • NIC and NOC labels at the end of each diagnosis.
  • Index with hundreds of diseases/disorders with prioritized associated nursing diagnose.

Student Resources:

  • Nursing Diagnoses Arranged by Maslow's Hierarchy
  • Interactive Assessment Tool

Purchasers will want to bundle this resource with Nursing Diagnosis Reference Manual, Sparks and Taylor's, NANDA International, Inc. NURSING DIAGNOSES: Definitions & Classification and Diseases and Disorders: A Nursing Therapeutics Manual.

As this is a widely used resource within the STAT!Ref Nursing Collection, STAT!Ref is pleased to announce this new edition. To talk to a STAT!Ref Team Member about this new edition, or others within the disciplines of Nursing, please feel free to call 800-901-5494 or fill out this form today.