Newly Added STAT!Ref Titles and Editions

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ADA Practical Guide to Patients with Medical Conditions, The    Science of Nutrition, The    Principles of Human Physiology 

Newly added to the Dentistry Core Resources Collection is the second edition of The ADA Practical Guide to Patients with Medical Conditions. This resource updates all of the protocols and guidelines for treatment and medications and adds more information to aid with patient medical assessments, and clearly organizes individual conditions under three headings: background, medical management, and dental management. Written by more than 25 expert academics and clinicians, this evidence-based guide takes a patient-focused approach to help you deliver safe, coordinated oral health care for patients with medical conditions.

Newly added to the Nutrition & Dietetics Core Resources Collection is The Science of Nutrition. This resource offers the best combination of text and media to help students master the toughest nutrition concepts in the course, while providing the richest support to save instructors’ time. This bestselling, thoroughly current, research-based nutrition text is uniquely organized around the highly regarded functional approach, which organizes vitamins and minerals based on their functions within the body and is easily seen in the organization of the micronutrient (vitamin and mineral) chapters.

Purchasers will want to bundle this resource with Nutritional Epidemiology, The Health Professional's Guide to Food Allergies and Intolerances and An Introduction to Human Disease.

Also recently added to our comprehensive Anatomy Collection is Principles of Human Physiology. This title uses a precise and clear-cut writing style to offer lasting comprehension for Human Physiology students, extending to real-life application in the field. The Sixth Edition provides essential digital resources to foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The exceptional art program is consistent, scientifically accurate, and visually appealing. Stanfield’s renowned flexible pedagogy allows instructors to choose what is essential to students when mapping out their course.

Purchasers will want to bundle this resource with Lewin's Cells, An Introduction to Human Disease: Pathology and Pathophysiology Correlations and Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology.

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