Draw it to Know it Human Biology

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Draw it to Know it teaches medical sciences in a purely kinesthetic way, revitalizing a classic approach to science education for the modern classroom. 10,000+ students and 50+ institutions use Draw it to Know it’s unique, active learning approach to master the medical sciences.

In using this resource, the user draws each anatomical pathway and structure, and in the process, creates memorable and reproducible schematics for the various learning points in medical science in a hands-on, enjoyable and highly effective manner. And, Draw it to Know it provides students with active, self-directed learning that complements lecture-focused teaching.


Draw it to Know it Human Biology features 94 Narrated Video Tutorials (13 hours), 650+ Quiz Questions and 150+ Clinical Correlations. This resource is ideal for Medical, allied health, graduate and undergraduate students. Click here to download the Draw it to Know it Human Biology Handout to learn more or click here to contact a STAT!Ref Team Member for more information.