Anatomy Flashcard Learning System: A Mobile Education System For Your Students

Anatomy Flashcard Learning System Banner

Anatomy Flashcard Learning System from STAT!Ref, is the only digital anatomy study guide with complete human anatomy flashcard deck, learning tables and learning exercises all in one place!

The Anatomy Flashcard Learning System is an online anatomy study aid that helps students learn and assess their anatomy knowledge anytime they are online with almost any smartphone, tablet or computers. Anatomy Flashcard Learning System is made up of anatomy flashcards, interactive quizzes and distilled learning tables so students can learn efficiently.  

Developed by a university anatomy professor, Dr. Robert Pozas of San Diego State University, who saw the need of his students for a clear, easy to use, anatomy study aid that was available to his students any time they had some free time: at home on their computer; on their tablet at the coffee shop, or even on their phone before class starts.

Anatomy Flashcard Learning System helps students clear the clutter of the textbook, workbooks, flashcards, and other aids that are overwhelming and disconcerting. With Anatomy Flashcard Learning System, students quickly assess what they know and don’t know in preparation for the test, and then the concise learning tables help them fill-in the needed knowledge.

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