Draw it to Know it: Medical Science Mobile App

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Draw it to Know it teaches medical sciences in a purely kinesthetic way, revitalizing a classic approach to science education for the modern classroom. 10,000+ students and 50+ institutions use Draw it to Know it’s unique, active learning approach to master the medical sciences.

With Draw it to Know it, students are easily able to prepare for class by completing a series of short tutorials that improves their engagement in lectures and boosts overall performance. The tutorials begin with a blank screen and proceed in hand-drawn steps that students master through active engagement, which, as research substantiates, greatly enhances the learning experience.

And, students can enjoy having Draw it to Know it tutorials at their fingertips with the Draw it to Know it mobile app. The mobile app allows users to access Draw it to Know it anytime, anywhere and it is free to download. 

Subscribers can get access to courses such as Gross Anatomy, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Human Biology, Neuroscience Fundamentals, Anatomy & Physiology and Neuroanatomy, with new video tutorials getting updated and added monthly!

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