Anatomy Flashcard Learning System: An Ideal Supplement To Any Anatomy Course

Anatomy Flashcard Learning System BannerAnatomy Flashcard Learning System creates an efficient engaging way to study Human Anatomy!

Anatomy Flashcard Learning System helps students clear the clutter of the textbook, workbooks, flashcards and other aids that are overwhelming and disconcerting. With Anatomy Flashcard Learning System, students quickly assess what they know and don’t know in preparation for the test, and then the concise learning tables help them fill-in the needed knowledge.

Why use Anatomy Flashcard Learning System for human anatomy study?

  • Only all digital human anatomy learning resource with flashcards, learning tables and assessment exercises all in one place
  • Supports all major computers platforms, phones and tablets
  • Interactive, innovative and engaging ways to learn and access anatomy knowledge
  • Supports both regional and systemic approaches to anatomy learning
  • Designed for college level learning and to assist those studying and reviewing medical, nursing, allied health and related allied health science disciplines

What is included in Anatomy Flashcard Learning System (AFLS)?

  • Digital Flashcard Set to assess and reinforce anatomy knowledge
  • Comprehensive Learning Tables that give key structure information that is normally tested for
  • Interactive structure identification, tables, images and flow charts to learn and assess student's anatomy understanding 

What does Anatomy Flashcard Learning System (AFLS) cover?

  • Structural identification and comprehensive key concept coverage of muscles, bones, nervous, veins, arteries and viscera

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