Learn EMG Enhanced with Interactive Functionality

Learn EMG: An Interactive Quiz Approach to Electrodiagnostic Interpretation

Newly improved and enhanced to be more user friendly with interactive functionality, Learn EMG teaches the basic concepts and interpretation of electrodiagnostic findings in patients with a variety of neuromuscular conditions.

Using a quiz approach with clinical vignettes to make learning both fun and challenging, this unique resource teaches users to recognize basic and complex features of individual NCS and needle EMG waveforms and to accurately interpret combinations of findings in the context of clinical vignettes.

  • Learn basic concepts and recognition of a wide variety of nerve conduction study and needle EMG waveform abnormalities
  • Review common and uncommon findings that are encountered in clinical practice
  • Concise explanations and discussions of the findings to help understand the concepts and achieve more accurate interpretation of EMG
  • 200 examples of normal and abnormal findings, with more than 400 images and 90 videos
  • Track progress through mastery of each subject and question
  • Quiz yourself option to focus on particular subjects, or on questions previously answered incorrectly
  • Tag questions of particular interest and easily return to them later
  • Search to quickly find specific topics

The program is organized into 10 topics, covering general NCS and needle EMG findings and common clinical problems. Each set is devoted to a particular theme and contains 20 multiple-choice questions framed by case vignettes, waveforms, audio/video clips, and other information to help the user select the correct answer. Audio discussions related to the questions and answers are presented within each case to highlight key features and concisely teach important concepts related to the findings.

For those subscribers that already have this resource, please note that your users will see the improved interactive content in your subscription automatically when they launch the resource.

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