Primal Pictures 3D Human Anatomy for Ultrasound: Upper and Lower Limb

anatomy model of the eyes in a head with layers peeled away

Are you looking for a learning tool for faculty and students in ultrasound and radiology technology programs? Are you looking for a resource that provides medical practitioners with images and content to aid in the interpretation of ultrasound imaging used to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions of the hip, knee and foot?

Primal's 3D Human Anatomy for Ultrasound is a unique digital reference created in response to the increasing use of ultrasound for the diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Created in collaboration with a team of imaging experts, this is ideal as a training tool, daily reference and source of high quality images for this challenging imaging technique.

Primal's 3D Human Anatomy for Ultrasound includes:

  • An extensive, accurate and interactive 3D anatomy atlas with 3D models and views of the hip, knee, ankle, and foot, plus nerves of the lower extremity
  • Interactive imaging area that allows correlation of labeled cross sections with corresponding ultrasound scans of each region and compares the cross sectional anatomy with MR scans
  • Rotational tools allow the user to see the ultrasound image at the same orientation as the anatomy view, which aids in understanding the image
  • Pathology images for over 60 commonly presenting clinical conditions for the upper and lower limbs, providing valuable clinical context

See the 3D Human Anatomy for Ultrasound video for more details, or to schedule a demonstration webinar, click here to contact STAT!Ref to speak to a dedicated Primal Pictures Specialist today.