New STAT!Ref Editions: Nursing, Epidemiology and Family Practice

New editions are published throughout the year for many of the titles in STAT!Ref. Browse the following list to see if any of these updates pertain to titles that you have or would like to include in your subscription.

New Nursing Editions:

Doctor of Nursing Practice Essentials, The: A New Model for Advanced Practice Nursing Essentials of Perioperative Nursing

The newly revised Third Edition of The Doctor of Nursing Practice Essentials: A New Model for Advanced Practice Nursing is the first text of its kind and is modeled after the eight DNP Essentials as outlined by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). Each section discusses the materials relevant to an element of the Essentials document and advises on the steps necessary to fulfill the requirements of the degree. The text is written for current DNP students as well as those considering the degree program. It also serves as a fantastic reference for professionals and those who have already completed a DNP program. For more information about this title click here. Purchasers will want to bundle this resource with Financial and Business Management for the Doctor of Nursing Practice, Outcome Assessment in Advanced Practice Nursing and Advanced Practice Nursing in the Care of Older Adults.

Essentials of Perioperative Nursing, now in its Sixth Edition, is an essential reference for new perioperative nurses as well as experienced nurses who need a refresher. Succinct and easy to use, it addresses the basics associated with navigating the perioperative environment rather than a procedure-oriented approach. Ideal for nurses, students, and perioperative nursing staff, it is also a helpful study guide for CNOR certification. For more information about this Doody's Core Title click here. Purchasers will want to bundle this resource with Kozier & Erb's Fundamentals of Nursing: Concepts, Process, and Practice and AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice.

New Epidemiology Edition:

Introduction to Epidemiology

Introduction to Epidemiology, Seventh Edition is a comprehensive, reader-friendly introduction to this exciting field. Designed for students with minimal training in the biomedical sciences and statistics, this full color text emphasizes the application of the basic principles of epidemiology according to person, place, and time factors in order to solve current, often unexpected, and serious public health problems. For more information about this title click here. Purchasers will want to bundle this resource with Bennett & Brachman's Hospital Infections, Nutritional Epidemiology, Teaching Epidemiology: A guide for teachers in epidemiology, public health, and clinical medicine and Health Measurement Scales: A practical guide to their development and use.

New Family Medicine Edition:

Textbook of Family Medicine

Highly acclaimed in its first three editions, McWhinney's Textbook of Family Medicine, formerly called Textbook of Family Medicine, is one of the seminal texts in the field. While many family medicine texts simply cover the disorders a practitioner might see in clinical practice, McWhinney's defines the principles and practices of family medicine as a separate and distinct field of practice. The fourth edition presents six new clinical chapters of common problems in family medicine: respiratory illness, musculoskeletal pain, depression, diabetes, obesity and multi-morbidity. This new edition also provides information on stewardship of resources, patient information and data, delivery of care in the home, and consultation and referral. The volume also covers continuing advances in the research base of family medicine. Readers will come away with a deeper appreciation for the role of the generalist in healthcare. For more information about this Doody's Core Title click here. Purchasers will want to bundle this resource with Family Practice Guidelines, The Merck Manual Of Diagnosis and Therapy and The 5-Minute Clinical Consult 2016.

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