Primal Pictures Solutions for Medical Practice

anatomy model of the eyes in a head with layers peeled away

Since 1991, Primal Pictures award-winning multi-media resources have been used by Healthcare Practitioners around the world in every specialty as a patient education aid, a reference tool and an image library.

From detailed and accurate regional and body system based 3D anatomy models to specialty titles such as dentistry and otolaryngology, Primal has a 3D anatomy software solution to fit your needs.

  • Help you explain injuries and treatment more effectively and memorably
  • Add a dynamic visual perspective to your presentations
  • Save you valuable time in finding the right image
  • Transform your presentations and lectures
  • Use easy edit functions to export any image or animation for your own use
  • Communicate more effectively with patients, students and colleagues using dynamic, anatomical graphics

Primal Pictures resources were created in collaboration with a team of expert clinicians and educators, and provides Healthcare Professionals with an effective and invaluable resource.

Major benefits:

Access to Primal Pictures provides the Healthcare Professional with its renowned and award winning library of accurate and engaging 3D anatomy models and multi-media content, including:

  • Labelled dissection slides
  • Clear and easy to use biomechanics and muscle function animations
  • Annotated illustrations
  • Movie clips of surgical procedures, treatment and rehabilitation
  • Clinical photographs
  • MRI linked to cross-sectional anatomy

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