BoardVitals from STAT!Ref: An Affordable & Effective Board Review Tool for Your Users

BoardVitals - Medical Specialty Question Banks

The STAT!Ref Team knows you are dedicated to providing high-quality resources and services to your students, residents, faculty and staff. That is why we want to make sure you know about BoardVitals from STAT!Ref, the most comprehensive and highest quality health and medical question banks available today.

BoardVitals is the leading exam prep tool used by doctors and nurses to help train for licensing, board certification, and in-service exams in over 50 health and medical specialties. It also helps healthcare practitioners meet their continuing education requirements.

BoardVitals brings together content from major publishers, universities, and top healthcare professionals into a single platform, creating the largest training ecosystem in health and medicine.

More about what BoardVitals offers:

  • The highest quality board review questions from leading medical publishers, research institutions and practicing clinicians
  • High-yield, vetted questions listed up front in an effort to maximize study time
  • Constantly evolving cloud-based system that updates every 24 to 48 hours based on changes and feedback
  • Ability for users to create customized practice tests based on number of questions, subjects and more, to simulate exams and help increase board pass rates
  • Advanced statistics so users can know where their strengths and weaknesses are, with suggested questions based on their performance
  • Detailed, up-to-date explanations with each answer, with references and links to applicable sources
  • Administrators can monitor student or resident usage and performance to serve as a proactive remediation tool or data collection resource relating to ACGME Milestones
  • Faculty can send customized exams to students or utilize questions in classroom discussions

For more information about BoardVitals, or to schedule a demonstration webinar, contact a STAT!Ref Team Member here or by calling 800-901-5494.