New Scientific American Weekly Curriculum Tools: Board Prep and Remediation

Newly added to Scientific American Surgery from Decker Intellectual Properties, Weekly Curriculum now offers a Remediation Tool and Scientific American Board Review (SABRe) for surgical residency programs. Please see below to learn more about these two new Weekly Curriculum tools, right now just available for Surgery but to be featured soon in all other Scientific American Weekly Curriculum specialties.

Decker and SA

First, Remediation allows Program Directors to assign focused readings and board-styled exercises for individual residents. They simply select a resident’s name and create a personal remediation curriculum by choosing a topic for each week. When a resident has completed a block of topics, Program Directors can create an MCQ Review, testing the knowledge of that resident in that particular area.

Both the resident and Program Director have access to remediation scores and progress through the advanced analytics in their logbooks. Reporting emails keep Program Directors informed on progress, and tracking metrics keep the resident engaged, guided and eager for improvement.

Second, Scientific American Board Review, or SABRe, is a part of Weekly Curriculum that provides a series of digital tools for testing residents and fellows as they prepare for their board examinations. SABRe provides the long-suffering resident with the perfect and most convenient means of measuring and honing knowledge in their specialty, with a singular focus on passing the written boards.

Every program is unique and all residents learn differently. SABRe has custom settings for programs to train and prepare as they wish. In “Practice mode,” exercises reveal correct and incorrect answers plus score tracking. “Exam mode” emulates the actual exam experience, hiding all correct and incorrect answers. Score tracker allows residents to mark questions “For Review.”

Other Features:

  • Board-categorized tests focus on all sections
  • Customizable account settings: take the tests and exams as a group or individually
  • Program Directors can control the test settings for residents

SABRe comes with personal and private logbooks for each resident to track their progress, and see their scores broken down by category and topic. For the Program Director, the PDs Portal offers quick yet elaborate metrics reviewing individual scores and progress, as well as the “big picture.”

To learn more about Weekly Curriculum Board Review or Remediation via a demonstration webinar, please click here or call 800-901-5494 to speak with a STAT!Ref Team Member.