Clinical Microbiology Procedures Handbook, Fourth Edition Available from STAT!Ref

In response to the ever-changing needs and responsibilities of the clinical microbiology field, has been extensively reviewed and updated to present the most prominent procedures in use today and STAT!Ref has it available now.


The provides step-by-step protocols and descriptions that allow clinical microbiologists and laboratory staff personnel to confidently and accurately perform all analyses, including appropriate quality control recommendations, from the receipt of the specimen through processing, testing, interpretation, presentation of the final report, and subsequent consultation.

Purchasers will want to bundle this resource with the Manual of Clinical Microbiology, Cases in Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease, Manual of Environmental Microbiology and other STAT!Ref Microbiology resources seen here.

As a reminder, new editions are published throughout the year for many of the titles in STAT!Ref. Browse this list to see if any of these updates pertain to titles that you have or would like to include in your subscription.

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