Available STAT!Ref Resources with Media Content

In the Journal of Graduate Medical Education article, To Play or Not To Play: Leveraging Video in Medical Education, written by Larry Hurtubise, MA, Bryan Martin, DO, Anne Gilliland, MSLIS, JD, and John Mahan, MD, the authors discuss how “Video is a powerful teaching and learning tool because it is one of the few mediums that has been used effectively in many facets of medical education face-to-face teaching and at a distance.”

The article goes on to mention how “visual images offer several advantages over verbal communication.” Such as how “video can present more information in a given amount of space and time, simplify complex concepts and be more efficient and effective at getting audience attention.”

STAT!Ref also believes in the importance of video, audio, animations and PowerPoint slides to improve a student’s ability to process information and apply multifaceted concepts. That is why within the STAT!Ref collection we have hundreds of resources that contain multimedia content that is completely optimized for quick accessibility.

Please see below for a few examples of STAT!Ref titles and products that include multimedia content to help support, enhance and improve teaching:

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