BoardVitals Enhanced Send Exam Feature for Administrators

Did you miss the BoardVitals Administrative Functionality Demonstration webinar? Based on feedback from current customers, BoardVitals has worked hard to enhance their interface to be more user friendly as well as streamline the process for sending exams to students and residents.

Please see below for a recording of the webinar, specifically focusing on the new interface and demonstrating how to create customized exams to send to students or utilize questions in classroom discussions . As a reminder, BoardVitals from STAT!Ref is a high-quality, effective and powerful board review tool that can be used anytime and anywhere via a phone, tablet or computer.

In addition to sending customized exams to students, administrators of the BoardVitals can also monitor student usage, track student performance, track student performance by category and flag individual questions to highlight a particular concept or category.

For more information about BoardVitals administrative features, or if you are a current customer and need to sign up for administrative access, contact a STAT!Ref Team Member here or by calling 800-901-5494.