STAT!Ref BoardVitals Subscriber Tools

Do you subscribe to BoardVitals from STAT!Ref? Need help when it comes to marketing BoardVitals to your users? The Team at STAT!Ref always aims to offer a helping hand to our subscribers when it comes to student, faculty or staff training.

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We’re available to:

  • Host online webinars to educate users about your BoardVitals subscription
  • Guide you through the STAT!Ref BoardVitals Training & Resources page which offers Product Overview Videos, Handouts and more
  • Create a custom Promotional Registration Web Page to promote registration
  • Provide general or customized collateral materials to help users understand what is available
  • Create customized “You Have It” e-mails for you to forward to professors or others in your contact database to promote an existing subscription and encourage registration
  • Create language and/or visual posts for your blog or social media platforms

Again, we are here to support you every step of the way – contact us anytime with product support questions, account questions, or for help to market BoardVitals at your institution.

Please contact your STAT!Ref Team Member today at 800-901-5494 or fill out this form to discuss how we can best support you and make the most out of your subscription.