BoardVitals: The Most Comprehensive and Highest Quality Board Review Tool Available Today

Are you looking for a resource that highlights must-know board exam questions and minimizes study time? STAT!Ref has an online study tool for board certification called BoardVitals. BoardVitals brings together content from major publishers, universities, and top healthcare professionals into a single platform, creating the largest training ecosystem in health and medicine.

This powerful and affordable board review tool doesn’t just provide a question bank, it is a comprehensive learning management system with many value-added features.

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BoardVitals Features:

  • Thousands of high quality board review questions from leading medical publishers, research institutions and practicing clinicians
  • High-yield, vetted questions listed up front in an effort to maximize study time
  • Constantly evolving cloud-based system that updates every 24 to 48 hours based on changes and feedback
  • Detailed answers with in-depth explanations to cover related topics
  • Review mode and Timed mode to simulate real exam conditions
  • Create customized practice tests and track results in real time
  • Advanced statistics so users can know where their strengths and weaknesses are, with suggested questions based on their performance
  • 24-hour access from anywhere via computer or mobile device

BoardVitals offers well-written practice questions with highly detailed explanations that help students review. Even going over wrong answers helps students learn high-yield associations so that they know what key information to look for on the real exam so that you won’t get questions like those wrong in the future. BoardVitals offers both a tutor/review mode and a timed test mode to give students flexibility in practicing for the exam.” -Jess U., Medical Student, University of Southern California

For more information about BoardVitals, contact a STAT!Ref Team Member here or by calling 800-901-5494 today.