New STAT!Ref Editions in Dentistry, Drug Information, Pediatrics and Hematology

Browse the following new STAT!Ref editions to see if any of these updates pertain to titles that you have or would like to include in your subscription. As a reminder, when STAT!Ref gets a new edition to a resource subscribers already purchase, they get that new edition in their online subscription automatically. It’s a hassle-free, value-added convenience to ensure that our customers receive the newest and best content available.

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Recently updated to the third edition, Diet and Nutrition in Oral Health is designed to enable readers to answer patient questions and integrate nutrition into clinical practice just as comfortably as they would fluoride and other preventive modalities. Filled with models, guidelines, and practical suggestions, the book can be used as a how-to manual for diet screening and guidance. To learn even more about this quick reference and clinical manual for diet and nutrition in oral health click here.

Backed by quality, peer-reviewed published literature, the Handbook on Injectable Drugs™ has been a go-to, trusted resource for nearly four decades. Published by ASHP, it’s the global gold standard for IV compatibility and stability information. ASHP’s Handbook on Injectable Drugs™ is now newly updated with the latest information. The 19th edition features 27 new monographs—more than twice the last edition— and more than 235 new references. To learn more about this gold standard reference on this topic click here.

Recently updated to the third edition, the best-selling resource Red Book® Atlas of Pediatric Infectious Diseases aids in the diagnosis and treatment of more than 100 of the most commonly seen pediatric infectious diseases. Three new chapters were added covering fungal diseases, hemorrhagic fevers (filoviruses), and trichuriasis. Click here to learn more about this useful quick reference for students, pediatric residents and practitioners.

Rossi’s Principles of Transfusion Medicine is the most comprehensive and practical reference on transfusion science and medicine available. Now updated for a fifth edition with new material on donor care – including the frequency of donation and management of iron deficiency/status, patient blood management, hemovigilance, and the novel cellular therapies and stem cell transplantation. Click here to learn more about this key resource for specialists and trainees in transfusion medicine and blood banking, as well as physicians, nurses, and medical technologists active in the transfusion of patients.

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