Primal Pictures New Global Search Functionality

For more than 25 years, the pioneering and award-winning Primal Pictures multimedia software has been helping students master the complexities of human anatomy.

Just announced, Primal Pictures now offers a global search functionality allowing you to search for content throughout your entire subscription.


Simply type a word or short phrase into the search box. The results are arranged into folders containing types of content: 3D View Titles, Structure Names, Movie Titles, Animation Titles, Slide Titles and Slide Labels. The number in brackets shows how many results are in each folder. Clicking on the orange links within will launch the relevant product and take you directly to your chosen view, movie or subject. Click here for a user guide about this exciting new feature.

Also, for a limited time only, Primal Pictures is offering exceptional savings and access opportunities. Please click here if you would like to schedule a webinar to review any year-end pricing incentives or features of Primal Pictures products.