Primal Pictures 3D Anatomy for Speech Language Pathology

Primal Pictures 3D Anatomy for Speech Language Pathology is an innovative and medically accurate interactive 3D atlas and clinical reference perfect for speech language pathology and communication disorders educators, students and practitioners.

Featuring a comprehensive selection of 3D views covering key body systems and visually stunning head and neck views, this resource is complemented by a wealth of multimedia clinical content covering swallowing, phonetics and many commonly presenting disorders.


This engaging online program, makes teaching more effective and memorable, learning more fun and provides practitioners with the ultimate patient education tool.

  • Anatomy is clearly revealed in visually engaging and accurate 3D – more memorable and effective than 2D!
  • Detailed and accurate interactive 3D anatomy atlas will help students learn and understand anatomy and relationships between structures more effectively and increase their engagement, understanding and recall
  • Multimedia clinical content provides context for students and a wonderful library of images, animations and movies for faculty
  • A wealth of specialty focused content bring the subject to life and provides clinical context for better application
  • Increase workflow, enliven lectures and lab sessions using content directly. Or quickly embed seamless links using CreateWeblink function
  • Faculty are provided with access to thousands of 3D images, clinical slides, illustrations animations and movies via a multiuser license or adoption

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