Teach, Learn and Educate Patients Using Primal Pictures 3D Anatomy for Manual and Massage Therapy

Primal Pictures has created a unique digital resource for manual and massage therapists that will transform training and practice. Primal Pictures 3D Human Anatomy for Massage and Manual Therapies provides an intuitive and comprehensive multimedia guide for a wide variety of therapeutic topics ideal for teaching, reference and patient education.

This versatile digital resource includes a wealth of engaging content:

  • Comprehensive 3D anatomy, muscle and trigger point atlas featuring over 150 muscles shown with their origin and insertion and 124 interactive trigger point views
  • Manual and massage therapy content ranging from key massage techniques to special care
  • Library of 3D muscle function animations and gross motor movement animations covering many common movements such as flexion, extension, adduction and abduction for the head and neck, upper extremity, trunk, pelvis and lower extremity
  • Interactive functions allow the user to rotate the 3D models through 30 degrees and add or remove layers of anatomy to view and label any visible structure with ease
  • Transform consultations, patient education and presentations by exporting images and animations
  • Content can be easily embedded into lesson plans, handouts and learning management systems

To learn more, or to schedule a 20-minute webinar to review Primal Pictures 3D Human Anatomy for Massage and Manual Therapies, click here or call 800-901-5494.