STAT!Ref Resource Name Change: EBMcalc

The STAT!Ref product MedCalc 3000 is now called EBMcalc. As with MedCalc 3000, EBMcalc is still included as a value added resource in every STAT!Ref subscription. Current subscriber access links will remain the same.


Since its inception, MedCalc 3000 has been the most popular evidence-based medical calculator on the web. EBMcalc assists with medical error detection and reduction. When practicing, teaching and learning medicine based on solid, evidence-based data, practitioners may be easily overwhelmed by the breadth of information that they must master. EBMcalc helps simplify this task by assembling easy-to-use, interactive tools to support evidence-based medicine. For instructions on how to access to EBMcalc please see below.

Access EBMcalc from the STAT!Ref homepage by hovering over the Tools & Features tool bar in the left column as shown below.


EBMcalc will open in a pop-up window. To open in a separate browser window click the link in the upper right hand corner. All EBMcalc tools are under Contents in the left column. Now you are ready to enter a search term. Click “go” and a list of search specific tools will be presented like the example shown below.


Or, access EBMcalc after you get a STAT!Ref search result by clicking on the EBMcalc link under Additional Resources in the left column.

If you have any questions about this transition, or if you would like to schedule a follow-up discussion or webinar about this or any other STAT!Ref resource, please click here to contact STAT!Ref today.