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See following example “abdomen”:

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abdomen  (ab-dō´men, ab´dō-men) [TA] Although the classically correct pronunciation is ab-dō´men, the first syllable is often stressed in the U.S.
The part of the trunk that lies between the thorax and the pelvis. The abdomen does not include the vertebral region posteriorly but is considered by some anatomists to include the pelvis (abdominopelvic cavity). It includes the greater part of the abdominal cavity (cavitas abdominis [TA]) and is divided by arbitrary planes into nine regions. SEE ALSO: abdominal regions, under region. SYN: venter (1) [TA]. [L. abdomen, etym. uncertain]

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image001acute abdomen. any serious acute intraabdominal condition (e.g., appendicitis) attended by pain, tenderness, and muscular rigidity and for which emergency surgery must be considered. SYN: surgical abdomen.
image001carinate abdomen. a sloping of the sides with prominence of the central line of the abdomen.
image001navicular abdomen. SYN: scaphoid abdomen.
abdomen obstipum. obsolete rarely used term for deformity of the abdomen due to congenitally short rectus muscles.
pendulous abdomen. an abdomen with greatly relaxed muscular walls that sag down over the pubic region.
image001protuberant abdomen. unusual or prominent convexity of the abdomen, due to excessive subcutaneous fat, poor muscle tone, or an increase in intraabdominal content.
image001scaphoid abdomen. a condition in which the anterior abdominal wall is sunken and presents a concave rather than a convex contour. SYN: navicular abdomen.
image001surgical abdomen. SYN: acute abdomen.

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