Scientific American Neurology Weekly Curriculum for Training Programs

Available from STAT!Ref, Scientific American Neurology Weekly Curriculum from Decker Intellectual Properties embraces lifelong learning education in neurology. With this weekly email-based curriculum, residents read a selected topic each week, and complete case-based Board-style MCQs as post tests.


This dynamic online product also offers:

  • Two tracks: Junior and Senior
  • Powerful tracking and management tools
  • Personal logbooks for each trainee that show progress and individual ranking amongst peers and other trainees nationally through advanced metrics
  • Program Director’s logbook with Milestone Reporting framework designed for programs to use in a semi-annual review of each resident’s performance and reporting to ACGME
  • Best Vx/RX: a video-enhanced point of care tool with 30-60 second videos of patients displaying signs/symptoms, tests, diseases/disorders, case studies and bulleted text on diagnosis and treatment outcomes
  • Teaching Slide Library has CT scans, MRI, photographs, tables, charts and algorithms available in readymade downloadable PowerPoint presentations
  • NEW Mentor Remediation: allocate focused Scientific American Neurology readings and exercises for each resident when ITE scores indidcate weaknesses
  • NEW Board Prep: board-topic exercises for group study, and mock ITE simulation

Also included in this tool is access to the Scientific American Neurology database, the only continuously-updated online resource in Neurology teaching principles and practice.

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