Enhance Practice, Training and Patient Education with Primal Pictures Resources from STAT!Ref

With benchmark anatomy, physiology and clinical content, Primal Pictures is widely accepted as the best in class and used around the world in every specialty as a patient education aid, a reference tool and an image library.


From detailed and accurate regional and body system based 3D anatomy models to specialty titles such as dentistry and audiology, Primal has a 3D anatomy software solution to fit your needs.

An effective tool for all disciplines:

  • Help you explain injuries and treatment more effectively and memorably
  • Add a dynamic visual perspective to your presentations
  • Save you valuable time in finding the right image
  • Transform your presentations and lectures. Use easy edit functions to export any image or animation for your own use.
  • Communicate more effectively with patients, students and colleagues using dynamic, anatomical graphics

Major benefits:

Access to Primal Pictures provides the Healthcare Professional with its renowned and award winning library of accurate and engaging 3D anatomy models and multi-media content, including:

  • Labelled dissection slides
  • Clear and easy to use biomechanics and muscle function animations
  • Annotated illustrations
  • Movie clips of surgical procedures, treatment and rehabilitation
  • Clinical photographs
  • MRI linked to cross-sectional anatomy

To learn more about Primal Pictures, or to schedule a demonstration webinar, click here to contact STAT!Ref to speak to a dedicated Primal Pictures Specialist today.