Protocol Builder: Raising the Bar for Protocol Development

Protocol Builder is cloud-based protocol writing technology that makes it faster and easier to develop investigator-initiated clinical research protocols that meet IRB and regulatory standards.


This robust yet simple to use application is available to individuals or institutions, and can be accessed conveniently on laptops, desktops and iPads.

Protocol Builder is based on in-depth research and interviews that identified the needs of protocol writers:

  • „94% wanted a guided experience
  • „89% asked for expert advice and examples
  • 84% requested quick access to regulatory forms

Plus, it’s enhanced on an ongoing basis with the guidance of user feedback.

Key Benefits

  • Save significant time and effort developing protocols
  • Improve adherence to IRB and regulatory standards
  • Enable collaboration among contributors
  • Advance the ability to publish research
  • Strengthen research programs and increase study pipelines

Target Audiences

Protocol Builder offers specific benefits to meet the needs and priorities of individuals with various roles in the clinical research process.

Research Investigators: Whether you are an  experienced or new research investigator, doctor, medical resident, or medical student, Protocol Builder can help you develop better protocols in less time with less effort—even if you are new to protocol writing. It’s easy to get started and simple to use. It also enables collaboration and helps avoid multiple rounds of revisions, so you can get your research up and running faster.

Research Administrators: Protocol Builder can help you enforce protocol standardization with pre-set templates and a guided experience that includes simple instructions and expert tips. It also allows institutions to add specific guidelines and use their own templates in the application. Plus, it offers features to easily, compare, track, and summarize protocol revisions. It can be implemented easily in less than 30 days, and can be integrated with your IRB, CTMS, or single sign on platforms.

Research Librarians: This technology can be a valuable addition to your e-resource collection. It streamlines the protocol writing process and promotes learning to support your research, research education, and health science programs. It also helps advance research publication with automated citation/reference functionality and the ability to reference management libraries, such as Endnote, RefWorks, Mendeley, and PubMed.

Residency Programs: Protocol Builder not only helps residents develop consistent protocols more easily, it also helps them learn as they go. It offers a guided experience developed by protocol writing experts and can bolster your program’s efforts to meet or exceed ACGME research requirements. In addition, it enables communication and collaboration to help foster mentorship.

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