STAT!Ref Core Resources Collections for Dentistry, Nursing, Pediatrics and More

How can STAT!Ref help you find the content you need based on your specific needs? With over 600+ resources offered in over 50 healthcare disciplines our content is very expansive, but with the our select STAT!Ref Core Resources Collections we have designed custom packages that highlight some of the top suggested resources categorized by discipline and offer premier titles from a wide variety of publishers and medical societies.


STAT!Ref Core Resources Collection packages include current authoritative e-books in Dentistry, Emergency Medicine, Nursing, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Public Health, Surgery and more—making them an excellent addition to any medical resource collection. Please see below for a list of available core resources collections.

Please also remember that every subscription comes with value-added resources and know that STAT!Ref representatives can work with you on developing a package you desire available at multiple site locations for no additional fees.

Please contact us here or call 800-901-5494 to learn more about these collections or how you can customize content based on your wants and needs.