Tools to Help Deliver Patient-Specific Clinical Decision Support at the Point of Care

Health professionals trust EE+, Clinical Checklist®, Lab Advisor™ and DrugPoints® System to improve patient outcomes through utilization of evidence-based medicine. When purchased together these tools can inform point-of-care decisions, save time on the front line, ensure consistent care and help clinicians stay up to date with the latest evidence. To learn more about these powerful, comprehensive resources please see below.

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With these decision support tools your users can:

  • Keep current with the most pertinent patient care interventions for commonly encountered conditions
  • Have the relevant knowledge they need to order the appropriate tests, interpret results, and quickly answer critical laboratory test questions
  • Prescribe, administer and monitor drugs safely and efficiently
  • Access a powerful and comprehensive clinical decision support system that integrates information on 9,000 diagnoses into healthcare professional’s clinical workflows
  • Discover 13,000 topics, guidelines, abstracts, tools, images, and summaries covering the most common conditions, diseases, and procedures clinicians come in contact with every day
  • Link to abstracts of Cochrane Systematic Reviews to ensure that our users always have access to high quality evidence-based healthcare information where it exists

Let STAT!Ref help you provide a single solution for powerful clinical decision support and improve patient outcomes by purchasing these resources as a bundle or in any combination based on your wants and needs. Click here or call 800-901-5494 to schedule a demonstration webinar with a STAT!Ref Team Member today.