Protocol Builder is Much More than Just a Time Saving Tool

Protocol Builder and STAT!Ref have partnered to help improve the quality and consistency of clinical research protocols to make internal and IRB review processes more efficient. Protocol Builder excels at saving time and reducing hassle for protocol writers, but it goes above and beyond those benefits. Please see below to learn more about this cloud-based protocol writing technology.


  • Saves Significant Time and Effort for Protocol Writers: Protocol Builder automatically sets up the table of contents to help ensure the right topics are included, automates time consuming tasks, such as creating the References and Glossary sections and eliminates the need to copy/paste content or rely on templates that may be missing sections.
  • Helps Protocol Writers Work More Efficiently: Protocol duplication allows users to repurpose existing protocol contents and references. Advanced editing tools enable users insert citations, abbreviations, glossary terms, and more. Also, Protocol Builder helps check for accuracy and completeness to avoid multiple rounds of revisions.
  • Boosts the Quality and Consistency of Protocols: Features including expert tips and resources improve adherence to IRB and regulatory standards, templates and relevant instructions promote standardization for easier development and review and tools help determine protocol type and whether an IND/IDE is needed.
  • Enables Communication and Collaboration: Users can invite colleagues and supervisors to comment on or revise protocol topics. Revisions can be tracked, compared, and accepted/rejected. Protocol writers can message reviewers directly about specific changes.
  • Promotes Learning and the Ability to Publish Research: Best practices, expert tips, and a robust resource center help users learn as they go. Automated citation/reference functionality makes it easier to insert references correctly. And, reference search tools, including EndNote and RefWorks, can be pulled into the application.
  • Strengthens Institutional Research Programs: Protocol Builder helps increase study pipelines by improving the quality of protocols, frees up resources to focus on other tasks like getting approved research off the ground and assists residency programs in meeting ACGME research requirements.

Protocol Builder is secure with SSL encryption as well as password and firewall protection. It can be implemented in as little as 30 days with no time consuming or costly set up or training needed.

Do you have time for a quick 20-minute webinar to review Protocol Builder? Please click here and a STAT!Ref representative will be in touch with you shortly.