BoardVitals is the Leading Test Preparation Platform for the Medical Specialties

BoardVitals has created the largest and most up-to-date training ecosystem in healthcare by bringing together the best content from major publishers, faculty at top teaching programs, and leading specialists. And, unlike most board review question banks, BoardVitals content is highly vetted and constantly evolving with updates every 24 to 48 hours based on changes and feedback.

Please click here for a list of available board review question banks from BoardVitals and see below to read what others are saying about this powerful board review tool.


“BoardVitals is the ideal complementary review source for any resident seeking to maximize their board exam review. The otolaryngology questions challenge you to apply your knowledge of frequently-tested ENT principles in a variety of fields, ranging from otology and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery to pediatric otolaryngoloy and head & neck oncology. Each question is written in a board-style format and each answer offers a detailed review of key concepts. Otolaryngology residents, myself included, have been waiting for this type of review material to be available to us and it’s finally here. I highly recommend it!” — Danny Soares, Otolaryngology/Plastics Fellow at Emory University

“This question bank is exactly what I need to prepare to take my pediatric boards. The scope of the material is extremely high yield and really focuses on what I need to know to be most successful when taking the boards. The answer discussions for each question are well written and are mini-lectures in and unto themselves. I would recommend this question bank to anyone looking to improve their general pediatric knowledge.” — Dr. Ellsworth, Neonatology Fellow, Mayo Clinic

“As a nurse educator, I found the study bank to be comprehensive by covering the four major category needs included on the NCLEX. Another great thing about this study bank is the rationales that accompany the questions. They include why the “right” answer is correct with explanations as to why the other selections were incorrect.” — Erica MacDonald RN,BSN,MSN, Leading Nursing blogger

“Your group really understands our needs as nurses. The NCLEX questions were challenging, but the level is exactly what students will see on the harder portions of the exam. And at a great price! Thanks!” — RN, University of Illinois

“The Family Medicine residents recently took their board exams and several comments were made that the Board Vitals questions were very good training for the real thing.  They recently used the musculoskeletal questions and they were right on target for what was asked on the boards.” — Medical Library Manager, McLaren Flint

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