Powerful Nursing Resources for Your Institution

Whether you are looking for resources in a specific nursing occupation, board certification, or are focused more on evidence-based nursing resources you will find it all within STAT!Ref in one easy to use location. STAT!Ref’s nursing content is offered by a wide-variety of respectable publishers and many value-added online tools come complete with every subscription, click here to learn more.


With the most comprehensive online nursing collection of 165+ nursing resources in over 70 specialties, disciplines and categories, STAT!Ref covers all aspects of the nursing profession. STAT!Ref Nursing resources offer:

  • Full-text, cross-searchable healthcare information from a variety of reputable and trusted associations and organizations
  • Customizable packages for all levels of nursing education and practice, with options to suit any budget
  • Subscription optimization for all mobile devices, providing 24/7 access anywhere
  • Patient safety and quality improvement resources to improve the quality of care and prepare for the accreditation process
  • EMR and EHR compatible
  • Patient education and handout information
  • Evidence-based medical calculators and other FREE added-value resources
  • PowerPoints, test banks and other turn-key nursing educator tools
  • Illustrations, photographs and tables for presentations
  • Citation services

Also available are BoardVitals Nursing Exams from STAT!Ref. These question banks offer the highest quality questions with detailed explanations to help prepare for the NCLEX RN and PN, CCRN, AANP Family NP, ANCC Family NP, Psych-Mental Health NP, Pediatric Primary Care NP, Adult Gerontology Acute Care NP and Adult Gerontology Primary Care NP Exams. Learn more here about this online exam prep tool specifically for nursing and how it works.

Please contact us here or call 800-901-5494 to schedule a webinar and learn more about our comprehensive and powerful online Nursing resources. We will work with you to customize content based on your wants and needs.