Doody’s Review Service Featured Article of Primal Pictures

In a recent Doody’s Review Service Featured Article about Primal Pictures, Diana Boone, MA-LIS, Head of the Learning Resources Center at Creighton University, said “Overall, these ‘Core Four’ products from Primal Pictures would be a solid addition to a library‚Äôs anatomy resources in support of beginning, advanced, and research-oriented users.” Please see below to learn more about the ‘Core Four’ Primal Pictures products and how your institution would benefit from these comprehensive multimedia resources.


  • 3D Atlas of Human Anatomy: Primal Pictures 3D atlas of Human Anatomy is an invaluable, medically accurate and visually stunning 3D reference and image library. Human anatomy is demystified by hundreds of interactive 3D views covering the entire human body, as well as thousands of supporting multimedia.
  • 3D Human Functional Anatomy: This popular and versatile digital resource, featuring an interactive 3D skeleton, brings functional anatomy to life using accurate 3D anatomy and animation.
  • 3D Real-Time Human Anatomy: Combining Primal Pictures’ medically accurate 3D human anatomy models with intuitive interactivity, Primal Pictures 3D Real-time Human Anatomy provides an unsurpassed 3D human anatomy atlas and image creation tool, ideal for education, training and practice. This flexible 3D anatomy atlas will transform teaching and learning human anatomy.
  • 3D Human Anatomy & Physiology: Primal Pictures 3D Human Anatomy & Phsiology is an innovative, integrated, multimedia learning resource, featuring 20 interactive modules utilizing effective techniques to help students master anatomy and physiology. With content equivalent to the major anatomy and physiology text books, this resource brings brings learning to life with interactive 3D models, narrated animations, a comprehensive atlas of micro-anatomy and more.

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