Datamonitor Healthcare Guarantees Confidence in Your Medical Research Decisions and Investments

Datamonitor Healthcare and STAT!Ref have partnered to provide timely, in-depth and interactive research, with expert analysis that keeps you strategically aligned with developments across a range of key diseases, companies, drugs and strategic trends in the academic marketplace. Datamonitor Healthcare combines rigorous primary research and validated secondary data, together with high quality epidemiology, to deliver the vital insights that are necessary in all phases of medical research and clinical development. See below to learn more about this valuable resource.


Datamonitor Healthcare provides you with a full view of the health sciences landscape with coverage of major disease areas, existing drug analysis and epidemiological examination, guaranteeing confidence in your medical research decisions and investments.


  • Nearly 70 diseases and conditions with highlights of their current targeted drugs, treatment trends and dynamics for major disease areas
  • Identify key indications and topical developments to ensure your research is kept applicable
  • Allows researchers to quickly identify specific disease needs and gaps in treatment options


  • Interactive Epidemiology data with 20 year forecasts
  • Examine disease prevalence and patient-population projections across key geographies and demographics derived from rigorous data standards and methodologies
  • Analysts identify opportunities and threats that arise from shifting market dynamics, helping institutions justify research funding and make research decisions that will have the largest amount of impact
  • Epidemiology data allows you to identify where the highest disease prevalence rates are and are expected to grow


  • Over 500 branded drugs covered with information about their sales, sales forecasts and other essential information
  • A complete assessment of existing drugs and pipeline compound across a range of indications ensures that your research is of value and let’s researchers anticipate drug needs
  • Allows researchers to see what drugs are most used and when their patents will expire


  • All-encompassing look at top pharma companies including their drug pipelines, financials and sales forecasts
  • Shows drugs that are currently in the research pipeline, allowing researchers to not duplicate efforts being done elsewhere
  • Gives an insider look at the pharma industry from an organizational standpoint

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