Altmetric and Engaging Your Users

In a recent blog post by Altmetric called “The power of ‘being social’” they discuss how powerful social media can be in making books more visible and beneficial in helping to make content more widely read. They state “These scenarios are just a small snapshot of the huge amount of engagement we see happening online every day. Data pulled from the Altmetric Explorer shows that in the last month alone we’ve picked up over 400,000 mentions of books and book chapters, including coverage in 14,000 news stories and references from over 1,300 policy documents and 11,000 Wikipedia pages. That’s a lot of attention!”

Did you know that STAT!Ref has Altmetric badges integrated into several key resources? See more details below about this important component and how it is integrated into some STAT!Ref content.


Almetric badges in STAT!Ref are currently displayed through EE+ Cochrane Systematic Reviews, EE+ POEMs, Evidence Alerts, Decker content databases on STAT!Ref, using chapter-level DOIs and Supplement-Goals Reference Guide and Research Digest.

How do these Altmetric badges work? Altmetric LLP, who provides the data, collect article level metrics and the online conversations around research papers by tracking a selection of online indicators (both scholarly and non-scholarly) to give a measurement of digital impact and reach. ‘Mentions’ that contain links to any version of the same paper are picked up, and collated. The result is the altmetric score.

The altmetric data available on the articles allows you to:

  • See the attention that each article is receiving from non-traditional sources, including: mainstream and social media, published policy documents, online reference managers and post-publication peer-review forums.
  • Explore the conversations surrounding the content
  • Identify recent papers your peers think are interesting 

We hope that you find Altmetric badges as interesting and useful as we do. If you have any questions about Altmetric please feel free to call 800-901-5494 or fill out this form today.

In addition to these badges, did you also know that the STAT!Ref Marketing Team is available to help promote your existing title subscriptions by creating language and/or visual posts for your blog or social media platforms? We would love to help support you in this way so that your users understand what is available, learn how they can benefit, and most importantly interact with the STAT!Ref resources offered at your institution. Click here to contact us anytime for ideas or customized posts for your subscription.